Sex Counselling Online

Sexologkliniken online

Sex can be difficult – but it doesn’t have to be

No matter the problem, I’m here to help you. Some people want support and guidance to find their sexual desire again, whereas others want help in reducing pain during sex, or guidance on how to introduce BDSM into their sex lives. Whatever you want help with we work together to make things feel better. My methods are built on sexological science, scientific evidence and counselling experience.

How we talk online

Sexologkliniken is available on Skype. To be able to participate in a counselling session online you need to both have sound on your computer and a web camera so that we can see and hear each other. To book an appointment, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.  

How I work

The first few sessions are exploratory and consist of us working together to figure out what you wish to receive help with. When we’ve decided what we're going to work on the sessions are usually supplemented with home assignments - both written assignments as well as bodily exercises. This way you get much more than just a counselling session - you also receive educational materials.  

How much it costs

Individual sessions cost 950 kr for 45 minutes.
Couple sessions cost 1600 kr for 1.25 hours.
Sessions are not subsidized by Stockholms Läns Landsting.

How many sessions you need

Some people need only a few sessions, whereas others need many. The number of sessions varies depending on the complexity of the problem. After the first two to three sessions it usually becomes apparent if the contact will be long or short. 

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