This is me

Leigh Norén, sex positive social worker and sexologist with several years of counselling experience regarding sexuality, relationships and love. Sexologkliniken has long been my goal; a place where individuals and couples can turn to receive support, guidance and treatment for problems and difficulties related to sexuality. With methods based on sexological science, affect focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling experience and scientific evidence, I help those who wish to have sex that feels good and pleasurable.

Sexuality is an integrated part of our overall health which is why problems associated with it really can mess things up, even in other areas of our lives. Moreover, sexual issues are often awkward and shameful to discuss. In counselling and therapy with me we work together to reduce the shame and allow you to feel ownership over your own sexuality. It really is possible to find routes to good sex.

I've previously worked as a sexologist within Föreningen Storasyster where I specialized in sex after sexual assault. Sessions centred around pain, desire, communication and setting boundaries during sex. I've also immersed myself in sexual desire by, among other things, writing my dissertation on men and low sexual desire within long-term relationships. I've also previously worked as a counsellor at a youth centre, at The Centre for Sexual Health in Malmö and in several high schools. I have a Master of Science in Sexology and a Bachelor in Social Work.

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"I’m incredibly grateful for the presence, knowledge and humour that characterized our sessions. It was revolutionary that Leigh really dared to believe that I would get better, and it made it possible for me to also believe it. I’ve received counselling from psychologists, psychotherapists and priests, but my time with Leigh really helped me in understanding and moving forward from the sexual trauma I’ve encountered. I didn’t think it would be possible to stop feeling it was my fault. But today I don’t feel that way anymore."

"Anna", 27 years, previous client.


  • Sexology consultant
    I offer tailor-made educational packages for therapists and other professionals who wish to learn more about sexology and how they can talk about sex with clients. Are you interested? Please contact me at

  • Founder of "All of me".
    A three-year project within the non-profit organization Föreningen Storasyster in Sweden. The project aims to help people who experience sexuality issues as a result of sexual assault by furthering knowledge on the subject and by offering sexological support and guidance to survivors of sexual assault. To read about All of me, please click here.

  • The report "Sexuality after sexual assault - hidden problems."
    A report written for Föreningen Storasyster based on a quantitative study aiming to understand how the sexuality of survivors of sexual assault has been impacted, and how survivors have experienced the quality of treatment by professionals regarding sexuality issues. To read the report, please click here.