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The One MAJOR Thing Women Misunderstand About Their Guy's Sex Drive

Hint: his lack-luster libido probably isn’t about you! What a relief, eh?

Published on YourTango.



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Should you talk about cheating BEFORE you say you won't do it?

The awkward conversation that might just strengthen your relationship. Here's how to have it. 

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10 Things You’ve Gotten COMPLETELY Wrong About Female Sexuality.

We like to think of female sexuality as romantic and mysterious. Little did you know: it’s neither.

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How to help a friend who’s having painful sex, by a sexologist.

It's called dyspareunia. Here's how you can be a helping hand to the friend who needs it the most.

Published on The Tab, Babe.





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3 Ways To Talk About Your Sex That Will Make Your Sex… Sexier.

How to be inspired by BDSM - without actually doing any of it. 

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A sexologist explains why women have rape fantasies.

Sexual assault isn't to blame. Let me explain why. 

Published on The Tab, Babe.

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